1. Benefit from over 90 years of experience in asset management

We regularly win awards for the quality of our management from international rating agencies and the specialist financial press.


2. Take a long-term view

Our investment methodology looks at the long term, favouring capital protection and achieving consistent performance over time.


3. Focus on simple principles and avoid products that lack clarity

Our investment strategy is based on simple principles, rigorously applied. We tend to avoid ‘trendy' investments and opaque products.


4. Benefit from open architecture

You have access to a range of international investment funds providing strategies and management styles that are complementary to ours.


5. Receive totally independent advice

As we do not invest on our own account, we are able to offer independent advice and place your interests at the forefront.


6. Take advantage of our international scope

We offer access to stock markets all over the world.
And we incorporate the same firmly international approach in our asset management.